HI. These Belbins live on 5 acres in the country at Lakeside Airpark,

Today's Weather at our Place in the Whitsunday Islands

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USA Trip 2014

A Video is being prepared, but we took 171 Gigabites of pics and video (shouldn't have bought the Go-Pro). The editing has been difficult. We made it at last to Yosemite. The video will be sent to those who have been interested in the past.

2015, is a lay year,

we are planning a doozey of a trip for 2016


Watch this space.


Map of Queensland

North Queensland is a great place to live, we have a climate that rarely exceeds 36C (97F) and I do not own a jumper (pullover - sweater - woolly). One can swim in comfort any time of year, and we have all the best tourist islands within 100k (50 miles) of Lakeside Airpark.

We are situated near Laguna Quays Resort, 45mins by road north of Mackay and 20mins south of Proserpine.


The tourist islands we are talking about are the Whitsunday Islands, which are almost directly off the coast from our home.

A trip to Hamilton Island takes about 15mins flying time. Brampton Island is south-east and takes about 20mins.

We truly are in paradise with a relaxed lifestyle.

Aerial view of airstrip

Another place we love to visit is Sweers Island shown on the map above. It is located up in the gulf (about 600 nautical miles as the crow or Doug flies) and is a fabulous fishing resort, only accessible to those who fly. To see more about it visit our Holiday Places page or e-mail us.

Our ranch

Pure bliss.

Friends fly in to say "Hi".


Below are some pics showing our lifestyle.

My Chikita shoveling under her sombrero.

While I keep an eye on her..

We have several pet Magpies that come in to feed.

First produce, sweet sugary tasting watermelons.