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Gearbox Side
Now the gearbox has been added, plus the hub of the Warp Drive prop.
The gearbox is a Hirth, they make an excellent gearbox although their engines are not as good.
Gearbox other side

Plunum Side
Side view of upside down plenum. See the hole dwn low where the external aluminium pipes will bring water along the belly to the radiator.

Engine Plate
Here you see the bellhousing plate that supports the starter and gearbox.
Under plenum
Now to investigate the bottom of the plenum. The dummy (timber) radiator is still in place, the trick will be to make a permanent rear section with a removable front to permit any servicing the radiator may ever need.
Plenum Bottom
Looking down (UP?) at the radiatorthru' the access hole, note the two entry points for water.

The 80% Spitfire dash has been finished

Same dash from the rear.
Cowl mould
First stage of the cowl modification is to add a little to the rear of the top piece, so here we make a mould and - - - -
Addition to cowl
Viola - black line indicates the trim required to finish the first stage.
Scoop under belly
There is a first look at how it wil sit up in the belly. A second benefit of moving the radiator back here will be that our weight and balance will improve from 21% to 22.5% in normal flight.
Top on Plenum
There is the top of the plenum being 'persuaded' to glue around the required curve.
The plenum
Trial assembly

Testing the fit before going further.
Plenum glassing
Here we have the sides cut for the plenum chamber, and here you see one of our staffers cutting the glass to line the inside.
Trim Glass
Here it is being trimmed by that same staffer after glassing. Some curving was held in as the fibreglass cured.

Cad drawing

Yep under the belly a la P51 Mustang

Hole in belly
Cutting the hole in the belly made me hold my breath bu-u-ut the sooner done the sooner the rest happens.

Cowl on
At last it is time to split the cowl and see what fits where. As we suspected the rad will not fit in our preferred spot.

Cowl front
So we will stop work on the cowl again and sort out an alternative for the radiator.

Right Firewall
Populating the Firewall
Showing the right battery and master relay, gascolator, boost pump, fuel pressure sender and radiator header tank. Note the oil filler has been grafted to the tappet cover.

Left Firewall
Here we see the left battery and its master relay, above that the starter solenoid then the two coils with the MSD joiner. Each coil has a resister near with a dual diode bypass so hitting the starter makes both coils fire a boosted spark together. Normal travel will be on either coil solo.

WOW here we are - past half way thru' 2009

Plane & Doug
Note in these two pics the FOLDING towbar attached to the nose wheel.
Those wishing to build one can download a pdf file HERE
(Right click on the link then select "SAVE")

Wings and tanks painted.

Plane Lish
She's on that wing again !
Engine Mount
Engine Mount Secure
Painting Fuselage
There is a lot more to paint on an airplane than a car. This is the second aircraft I have painted, After the first I said "Never Again". Lousy Memory.
Top Engine Mount
Top Engine attach point being prepared for welding (zap strap not approved).
Fitting Engine Mount
Attaching engine mount to fuselage - AT LAST
Welding Engine Mount
The "TOP Ace" engine mount welder for Pitts Specials stopped by to give me some pointers, then ended up doing the lot for me. Bless you BEN Oliver and "thanks a bunch" - (Then he folded his tent like the Arab, and silently stole away).
Nearly Finished
Guess this timber is headed for the trash bin.

Engine Mount mock up v3. If only it was that easy.
Jigging Mount
Getting serious here. That's cold steel getting clamped up. Engine mount v 5
Foam droobles from the mould for our fairings. Paint 'em green and we would be set for Halloween.
Flap Fairings
However all's well so - - - Fairings finished. Electric motor running flaps down and up.


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