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August - September - Some Engine Work, Flap operation.
Fitting Water Pump
Lish fits a new water pump to the motor.

Engine Mount
The Motor is now sitting on a box to hold it in the correct position in front of the dummy firewall, so we can build the engine mount. The other dummy is holding the tape measure.

RV Flap works
We originally bought a weldment to operate the flaps on an RV6, but there is no way that it will operate for us, so it is -----
Flap Bits
------- time to slice and dice. The new holes are made before we cut the wanted bits and then it is time to weld them to new rods - BUT- -
Lish Kelly
SOMEBODY is off playing with my new welding helmet and she put up a heck of a struggle, before I got a turn with it - -
Brazed Parts
So once I got it, I did the brake pedals too. The stripes on one pedal are non-slip wing walk tape.

Flap Workings
Now we have installed the bearings in the centre console and the fuselage exits. This lets us make a "lash-up" to see how things will fit.

Lish Cutting Foam
Ackshully, while I was welding and brazing metalwork, Lish was making the box to cover the workings and the next pic shows it being tried out.
Flap Motor
So there it is to this moment.
July - Window holes cut in fuse - Blending Fuse to Wings.


Iterior showing holes

TOP PHOTO - Interior shot shows GPS aerial and skylights for aerobatics

Brake Pedal

Rudder Pedals - Transponder aerial behind (forward?)

Fuse with holes

Above - Windows cut in side and top.

ADI pic

The advent of an ADI to replace both the Artificial Horizon and the Directional Gyro has left us a spare hole. Something not everyone owns. This instrument uses its own GPS to show actual track, and removes the necessity for a vacuum pump. Thoughts at the moment centre around a framed photo of Lish and Doug, we shall see, watch this space.

The2" instrument at the bottom is a combo G-meter, Volt meter, Clock and Timer.

Foxy's Spitfire

Spitfire Dash

Foxy's Spitfire is proceeding, and I had to design and build the dash panel. Sounds easy? Task was to have all the original instruments, look similar(layout) to the original, plus modern gauges for a Chev V8. Then we added 2 radios and transponder which originally were in little auxilliary side panels, and finally this to go in an 80% sized panel. This has been a great challenge, above is Prototype 1, proto 2 is being cut shortly. Circuit breakers will hide behind a door on left, GPS will sit on front of door.

May - June, Hirth redrive has been purchased for engine, mating to follow. Canopy on track.

Aluminium mould in place - Start of the Canopy Frame

Canopy midway
Looking very wonky (the canopy I mean)

Canopy Frame completed - Tracks to make next.

Canopy on tracks
Canopy now on tracks. We designed it to lean forward as it opens to give good access, but looking at it now, we will redo the front track to about halve the lean.
Closed Canopy
We do not expect this canopy to open in flight.
Belly light
Fitting a super bright halogen flashing light on the belly to save us running the landing light in busy airspace.
March - April - May - Engine work has started

Subaru Engine 1

THE engine, without Turbo added.

Subaru Engine 2

Different engine with one type of redrive (gearbox). Turbo sitting behind.


This is a Bing carburettor that can be used with a turbocharger. Trying out positions before making the right angled adaptor to fit to induction manifold.

Engine Position

That's about where it will sit. Turbo is fitted in approximate position, exhaust pipe will need rework.


2008 Wing Tips fitted and Lights


The White box collects outside air and directs it around our feet via a small radiator which can be set for hot or cold. The red scat hose feeds cold air via the eyeball vents.

January and early Feb 2008


Planning the layout of the firewall with its dual battery, dual ignition.

Full Dash


Dash on Bench

Most of the dash is wired, still a few more lights to add. Radio wiring is 85% completed and 3 of the 4 aerials are fitted, so soon it will be back to working on the fuselage.

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