And So On Into 2007
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Mid November 2007 - Wings On Again

Let there be Light - Perspex Shaped & Fitted

Blending Fuse to Wings

December 2007 Tank Supports Finalised

We are starting to get the feeling that we will fly this thing in the forseeeable future?? Note "real" windows versus painted dummies (that's right not ALL the dummies are inside). The paint scheme looks like the Bonanza I used to own (see "Doug" page) 'till you get close and realise it has shrunk.

Redrive in the making - ex VW Kombi final drive, only 3" between centres. Work will start on this shortly. The Yanks use them extensively on Corvair engines, and Aussie's replica Messerschmit Me 109 features one on a 150 hp Leyland V8 (read Buick if you are Yankee).

As our wing will be positioned further back, we have added extra baffles to reinforce the wing walkway which is now on the tank.

Inside the Tank: - Vans have reported a few of these suction tubes coming adrift in flight. Doug did not favour the lock wire that Vans suggested, so we figure this plate will lock both unions from unscrewing.

Add a canopy Track

We decided that the nose was too squimpy, so off came the Stainless firewall and we added a 6 inche arc.

New stainless sheet and Bobs your uncle.


February 2006


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