What's happened to Yippy-I-O since October 2003
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Next thing to tackle was how to glue the Aluminium wings to a glass Fuselage.

So taking the wing joining plates for template, we drill then cut and bend a sheet of 4130 steel, as shown below---

To make something like this, Then sit it on the floor, add spars and glass in the plate

Meanwhile, Lish is preparing the ribs, fluting to straighten

Stacks 'n stacks of 'em

Then a test fitting to see what it will look like

And preparing the tank baffles

But for now the spars are back for another fitting.

And filling around the entry point

Adding some load bearers

Here we see supports for the Cessna Style Undercart legs.

We wanted a flat floor, so esky foam is Lish's choice to make this happen

Sandin', Sandin'.

We have made a wooden copy of our 23013.5 Airfoil. This to help blend the wings to fuse, and the piece we cut it out from will make a former or clamp to line up the Ailerons and flaps when the wings are made.

And here are the mobile jigs waiting to have the wings started

Time to start thinking about the shape of the cabin and as you can see, the wood bow is reinforced with aluminium angle.

Lish using a glue gun to tack the engine mount stringers in place before fibreglassing these.

Stringers glassed, plus the base pads for the engine mounts have been put in.

Looking toward the back, we see the rear of the aircraft bulkhead has been fitted, and the "lay down" seat back for the pilot is laying down like it orta.

Looking forward at the undercart mounts, note the rubber donut at the left of photo.

The main instrument panel is complete. Note the electric turn and bank has had to swap position with the AH as the AH is a deep instrument, and when fitted to the correct position, it collided with the sloping front of the aircraft.