Building the Yippy-I-O

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We bought the Subie engine in 1998, but did not get really serious, until we took possession of the fuselage in July 1999.

Gee, aren't those bungees marvellous.
That's just what you call an artistic tail.
There is the shape of the canopy.
Going flyin' again. The tail is chopped ready for the RV tail.

I keep telling Doug we're supposed to be adding things, not removing them.

Unfortunately we work away from home and since receiving the fuse, haven't been back home very often.

Anyway, while we were away working we actually managed to build our RV tail.
Making a support to join the tail.
Finally he's adding fiberglass to the fuse. A couple more layers are needed to strengthen the fuse. Icky Sticky.

Next came the avionics. We got some really great deals from Australian Avionics in Cairns and the rest we have ordered from Vans Aircraft in USA, along with the wing kit.

We have a Garmin GPS/COM (IFR rated), Transponder, Icom radio, Electric T&B, plus much much more. We also intend to put a full colour moving map display in the cockpit.

Here is an early concept drawing of the plane.
But these things evolve, so currently

The wing kit arrived from Vans Aircraft (USA) in February 2000, while we were working out west. Finally got to open the crates in March. One box was 8ft long, the other 12ft holding wing spars and other long lengths of aluminum. A pleasant surprise awaited us when we opened the box, many of the parts have been pre-punched and drilled, unlike the wing kit our son Ray got a few years back.

Lisha planning what has to be done on the spars first. Vans provide good comprehensive plans.

After all the sanding and deburring, the start has been made.

Doug fibreglassing in the supporting piece for the elevators.

Dream...., dream, dream, dream, the elevators perched up on the new supporting piece. I guess it worked.

Sawing up angle aluminum to attach to the wing spar.

Interesting fingers - can only make these parts if you can bend your fingers to this position.

The Super Mouse we owned until 2003.


Our friend in Mackay who built the fiberglass fuselage is currently working on an 80% Spitfire Mk 8 with a Mk 18 canopy. It will carry 2 people and it was originally planned to put in a 180Hp Buick. Now changed to a 300hp Chev.

Second person accomodation was to be a man hole located in front of the pilot over the centre of Gravity to fly two up to a show, then for display flying, the small windscreen could drop and with the manhole closed it would revert to an apparent single seater. gathering favour is the alternative to lengthen the canopy and add a dickey seat.

Anyway never mind details, Doug gets to be test pilot when she's ready.

We are finally getting to spend a few hours on our plane now. You can see all the lastest building pics for the month on the following pages. We shall try to keep it updated yearly to see our progress.

Our cabin is large enough to make it a 4 seater, but because we want to do a lot of touring (just the 2 of us), we intend being able to lay the seats back to become a sleeper (much more snug than laying under the wing on a cold wet night).